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Sustainable Garden Project winners


The winners of the Sustainable Garden Project were revealed today in our whole school assembly. The exciting gardening project begins this half term at the school.

The poetry and design competitions provided an opportunity for pupils from all year groups to create a spring-themed piece of art centered around the four key principles of the Sustainable Garden Project: growth, nurture, sustainability and community.


Poetry Competition Winners 

Year 6 - Levaan, Class 1

Year 5 - Umair, Class 5 

Year 4 - Shiv, Class 7 

Year 3 - Nishant, Class 9


Overall Design Competition Winner

Year 5 - Daniel, Class 5


The winners' ideas are going to be integrated into the infrastructure of the project that will enable pupils to nurture the growth in plants in the same way that pupils are nurtured throughout their time here at Winterbourne Boys' Academy. 

Congratulations and a very well done to the above pupils.