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Red Shift Science Competition

Many congratulations and well done to our winning pair of pupils for the Red Shift science competition. Shanjith Kunabalan (Class 5MOL) and Mohammad Mazhar (Class 5MOL) teamed up and produced an amazing informative poster on the 'Red Shift'. They will each receive 10 CHABOP points and will star in the next assembly to explain the 'Red Shift' science phenomena.

‘I felt excited because when I first looked into it I thought ,‘What is this?’. Now that I’ve been studying more about it, I know red shift as well as blue shift. This made me feel amazing as I was able to learn something new and challenging.’ Mohammad (5MOL).

‘I felt really confident and assured when I studied it more. It was very fascinating the more I read about it and I was shocked and happy when we won the competition. It was the best day ever!’ Shanjith (5MOL).