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Parents' Information Meetings

We recently conducted Information Evenings for all year groups to discuss the curriculum, behaviour, uniform and expectations with parents and carers. Thank you to all who attended – we had very successful meetings and received some very useful feedback. Below are some of the comments that parents/carers made:

“Information about what the children are going to do this term was very good.”

“It was very informative and gives you a chance to recap on key school policies. It was also helpful meeting the class teacher.”

“The meeting was a very good introduction meeting. Information given was very clear about pupils’ learning.”

“I found out about weekly lessons. I also find out about what my son will be learning and when he will be learning it.”

“It was very interesting to find out about the different subjects my son will be studying this term. Very impressive!”

“I felt that the meeting was very informative and meeting the teachers was a plus.”

“All the necessary information was given.”

Parents/carers were also asked how we can improve these meetings for the future. They said:

“Meetings could be more often.”

The use of a microphone/PA System would be helpful”.

“More handouts for parents to take away.”

“Nothing. I obtained the required information.”

All feedback will be taken into consideration and necessary changes made to make these meetings as useful as possible for parents/carers.