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Winterbourne Boys’ Academy

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Careers Workshop

Today our pupils in Years 5 and 6 attended a Careers Workshop in our main hall. Speakers from different professions delivered exciting presentations and our boys were able to gain information on the different careers including: paramedics, the police, scientists, firefighters and sports.

The workshop provided information about the qualifications and skills required to enter the range of professions. 

The professionals from the different workforces shared information about what a typical day would entail for them. They also spoke to our boys about how important it was for them to work extremely hard when they were at primary school to have the right foundation and skills to enter their chosen profession. This gave our boys the opportunity to understand how the work that they are completing at school is linked to their future and career choices.

Our boys put on different professional uniforms during a fun exercise to gain a sense of what it would feel like to be in that professional role and the responsibilities that they would have to the public.

All the pupils thoroughly enjoyed the event and through demand a second workshop showcasing other professions will be held later in the year.