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Attitude Determines Altitude

Our first whole school assembly as Winterbourne Boys' Academy at the start of the new term marked the beginning of a new start. 

Our Executive Headteacher, Ms Tapper, led the assembly and addressed the whole school, including staff and pupils, on the school's vision and expectations. 

As a Platanos Trust school, we have an unshakable belief that we can make a difference. The school exists and works for all its pupils. We have high expectations of all in our community and believe that every learner can achieve beyond their expectations. 

We firmly believe that one's attitude is the key ingredient in achieving success regardless of background or ability.  Attitude Determines Altitude.

Two pupils, Daniel Fry (Year 4) and Javay Fulton (Year 5) also delivered two very inspiring speeches during the assembly. They gave their thoughts on our school motto, 'Attitude Determines Altitude'.

"Our new school motto is inspiring. It reminds us that we need to work hard to be rewarded." - Daniel Fry

"Our new school motto is simple but powerful. It means that if you have the right attitude, anything is possible."  - Javay Fulton


Winterbourne pupils

Pupils Javay Fulton and Daniel Fry presented at our whole school assembly on 'Attitude Determines Altitude'