Winterbourne Boys' Academy Winterbourne Boys' Academy

Winterbourne Boys’ Academy

A Platanos Trust School

Anti-Bullying Champions

This term, we can proudly present the following pupils as Winterbourne Boys' Academy's Anti-Bullying Champions (ABC):

  • Umair Aziz (class 9, year 3)
  • Zaid Rauther (class 6, year 4)
  • Abishek Saji (class 6, year 4)
  • Dillon Ofosuhene (class 3, year 5)
  • Pedro Gomez  (class 2, year 6)
  • Kishoth Kanthasmy (class 2, year 6)

 These pupils are fully trained to identify and report any incidents of bullying that come to their attention and are involved in the committee set up to monitor and address such issues should they arise.

A "bully-free zone"

In addition to our Anti-Bullying Champions, we have a "Bully Box" available in the reception area alongside the anti-bullying display board for pupils to post their comments or concerns.