Winterbourne Boys' Academy Winterbourne Boys' Academy

Winterbourne Boys’ Academy

A Platanos Trust School



Winterbourne Boys' Academy Transition Board

The local governing body for the school is at present in the form of a Transition Board whose primary responsibility is to bring about rapid improvements. 

The Transition Board ensures that the strategic plan for the academy is being implemented and advises on the development and review of the plan, focusing on four key areas of action: leadership and management, teaching and learning, facilities and resources, and finance.

The Transition Board reports to the Platanos Trust Board on progress, recommending further action as necessary.


The Local Parent Advisory Board

This comprises two trustees and two elected parents of the school. It is a consultative body with an advisory function. The local body is involved in consultative matters such as community links, discipline and behaviour, citizenship, social, moral, spiritual and cultural education, the ethos and reputation of the college. This local body reports to the Platanos Trust Board.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Parental Advisory Board meetings are scheduled to restart in May 2022.


The Platanos Trust Board

The declaration of business interests and further details on our trustees and members for the Platanos Trust can be found by clicking here (external link).

The Chair of Trustees is Mr H. Whyte.


Executive Pay

The number of employees across the Platanos Trust receiving a gross annual salary and benefits totaling £100,000 or above: 1